What Is Protandim?

|A True Breakthrough in Science

True breakthroughs are very rare. In fact, many people live a lifetime without ever witnessing one. At LifeVantage, they talk a lot about breakthroughs because they have one – not the “breakthrough” many companies claim and market today. LifeVantage has a true breakthrough, a breakthrough that is real; founded and proven by science.

Developed after 40 years of research exclusively for LifeVantage and featured on ABC, NBC, PBS, in “The Wall Street Journal,” and described in CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s book “Chasing Life.” Why was it reported in so many prominent places? Because Protandim is the ONLY product clinically-proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40%!

Protandim is a patented, anti-aging supplement specially formulated to combat oxidative stress and reverses cell aging in your genes – where your DNA is damaged. Protandim is a unique solution to aging and degenerative processes in the body.


Developed by Dr. Joe McCord

Protandim was developed by Dr. Joe McCord, a well-renowned scientist, a pioneer in free radical biology and the formulator of Protandim. Dr. McCord has devoted his life to the study of free radicals, their role in aging, and the many problems associated with aging. One of his discoveries, SOD, is so significant it is measured in McCord units.

For his work, Dr. McCord was awarded the Elliott Cresson Medal from the Franklin Institute, awarded to distinguished inventors and scientists, putting Dr. McCord in the same company as Pierre and Marie Curie, Alexander Graham Bell, Orville Wright and Henry Ford. And now, his breakthrough can change you life.


Can We Really Reduce Cell Aging?

The question is often asked; “Can we really reduce cell aging? The answer is definitely YES. Why? Because Dr. Joe McCord said that by using blood analysis: “After Protandim we could no longer distinguish the 80 year old from the 20 year old.”

While traditional food and supplements eliminate one free radical for every one antioxidant molecule consumed, one Protandim a day eliminates free radicals at a rate of one million to one per second and reduces your oxidative stress level to that of a 20 year old in just 30 days! Protandim increases the levels of the anti-aging enzymes in your genes that fight the free radicals that cause aging.


Regenerate Youth At The Source

Scientific research has validated oxidative stress – damage to your body’s cells by free radicals – as the root cause, at the cellular lever, of aging. In fact, studies show that metabolic wear and tear caused by free radicals in cells accelerates aging, the problems associated with aging and contributes to more than 100 different conditions.


Proven and Completely Validated

Protandim is a true product because it is founded in breakthrough science, science backed by clinical studies, science that has been peer-reviewed, scrutinized by regulatory agencies, and completely validated.


Protandim Does What You Think It’s Going To Do

Protandim has passed the test because Protandim does what you think it’s going to do. Studies show Protandim increases levels of the anti-aging enzymes Superoxide Dismutase by 30% and Catalase by 54% while reducing oxidative stress levels an average of 40% in just 30 days! Studies also show Protandim produces a 300% increase in the anti-aging enzyme Glutathione.

I have seen many other products being advertised that claim to bring you greater health and slow your aging. But I have found none that has the scientific proof that Protandim has.

I just found out about a product called TA-65 that claims to do what Protandim does. However, the cost is $1000 instead of $40. Which is the better deal?

You owe it to yourself to at least try Protandim.


How To Purchase Protandim

There are many reasons why you need to purchase Protandim. The most important is because it will prolong your life. If you are young, it may not seem very important. However, if you are older you realize that it is because life is really shorter than you think and you do want to prolong it as long as possible.

There are two ways that you can buy Protandim. One is to click here. Then click on the Retail Price and order the number of bottles you want at the retail price. The other way is to get a discount on it by signing up to have it auto shipped to you every month. To purchase it this way, click here and enter the number that you want at the Preferred Customer Price. Then, on the next window that opens enter your information.