Schedule of Events

There are many events happening all over America (and soon in Mexico and Japan) that you will be interested in. There are opportunity meetings where you can go and get help in building your business. There are online events where you can get training and information about LifeVantage. By the way, if you go to a local opportunity meeting, I hope that you tell them that you want to sign up under us so that you can get our training, as well as theirs.

LifeVantage has what they call their Big Blue Calendar. Here here where trainers and presenters list their events. And there are events all over America. You will also find online events.

I will be listing some of the online events here so you can find them easily.


Upcoming Events


October 18, 2010, Monday evening 8pm MDT

LifeVantage and Protandim
It’s a fact of life that oxidative stress accelerates aging and the problems associated with aging. Scientific research has validated oxidative stress as the root cause, at the cellular level, of degenerative processes in the body. Join us as Greg Palka or Patti LaMourey share about Protandim and the Life you can have with the LifeVantage opportunity.

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