Protandim: A Master Mechanic

Have you ever wondered how many vitamin C tablets you would have to take to equal the effect of one Protandim pill?

It’s a nonsense question, really, and probably best answered with an analogy.


An Illustration

Suppose you were running a company and that company had a large number of vehicles in its fleet: hundreds of delivery trucks that had to be maintained, so you hire an employee to take care of the vehicles.

Every time you look at the employee, the master mechanic of your fleet, he has a screwdriver in his hand and he’s under the hood of a truck fixing something. You thing, “I wonder how many screwdrivers it would take to replace the master mechanic? What if we ordered boxes of screwdrivers to equal the mechanic’s function?”

That ‘s also a nonsense question.

A screwdriver is a very useful tool, but it only does one thing. You can’t replace a master mechanic by purchasing 10,000 screwdrivers! That mechanic may have hundreds of tools that can do thousands of different things. It’s the same with Protandim.


Vitamin C Is Like A Single Screwdriver

While Vitamin C is like s single screwdriver, Protandim activates 1,000 different “switches” that do different things, one at a time, in one fell swoop – because it’s a Nrf2 activator. This masterful transcription factor, Nrf2, is the equivalent of a master mechanic. You can’t equate it to vitamin C, pounds of blueberries or glasses of orange juice.

Every day we’re learning more about the breadth and depth of Protandim. It’s important to us because it is a “switch” to turn on our survival genes, genes that can help us out of trouble spots. THAT is what Protandim is and what it does and there isn’t another thing out there, other than Nrf2 activators, that do what Protandim does.

To our knowledge, there aren’t any other commercially available Mrf2 activators!


We All Need Protandim

Why do weneed Protandim? Because Protandim, is like a master mechanic with an entire set of tools with specific purposes, not just a single screwdriver.