How To Purchase Protandim

There are actually 3 ways to purchase Protandim. I am only going to mention 2 of them here because the third is to become a LifeVantage Independent Distributor. If you want to do that, go to the Distributor Information section of this site.

The first way is to simply purchase a bottle of the product. You can do this by clicking here. This will take you to the LifeVantage order page. There you can purchase it at the retail price.

The second way is to click here and purchase it at the Preferred Customer Price, because it is $10 cheaper. (It is actually the same page as the above.) This puts you on an autoship plan so that you will receive a new bottle each and every month. This does not lock you into a forever contract because you can stop the autoship whenever you want simply by contacting LifeVantage and telling them to stop the autoship. Their phone number is on the website.

You will notice that you can purchase the TrueScience, Anti-aging Cream on this same order page.

Do it right now and don’t put it off any longer because you do want to start slowing your aging as soon as possible. Stay young as long as you possibly can.