Do You Want Younger and Healthier Skin?


TrueScience Anti-Aging Cream

There’s a dirty little secret hidden in your everyday skin care products. Sure, they list their ingredients and tell you that they are not only harmless, but that they actually will improve your skin. The truth is that they do exactly the opposite.

That’s right. These chemicals are not just bad for your skin, they really destroy you skin and cause you to look years older. That is why you have to keep using their product, to hide what is really happening to your skin.


The Almighty Dollar

They know what they are doing. But why are they doing it? Why are they creating and selling your product that actually damages your skin? The truth is that they simply want to make money and a lot of it. So they use these cheap chemicals to produce their products.

But, since you have to keep using their products to keep your skin looking young. They have accomplished their purpose. They have produced a product that is cheap to produce and they have also conned you into needing to keep using their product, just so you can keep looking young.


The REAL Reason these products don’t work.

Women (and men, too) don’t lose their youthful complexion because of “old age.” No, it is because of the environment we live in. The best source of vitamin D is from the sun. But, at the same time the sun dries out our skin and eventually causes it to look older. Also, we apply harsh chemicals to our skin every day. How do we do that? By putting surfactants on our face.

You probably have never heard of surfactants but in our modern culture, we use them all the time. They just go by different names. Their job is to strip off the protective cells of our skin. There are basically two reasons for doing this. The first is to enable other ingredients in the product formula to penetrate our skin. And you have already found out that these other ingredients are chemicals which are bad for us.


The Poison That We Use All The Time

The other reason for using them is to remove the dirt and oils that nave accumulated on our skin. What is it that does this? SOAP! Yes, the modern soap that we use is actually a detergent. And for decades, women have been duped into applying this to their skin and letting it sit there for hours. We have actually been told that this will improve our skin.


We Are Being Poisoned By The Skin Care Industry

But more damage is actually been done by out modern skin care industry. Most modern skin care formulas contain artificial ingredients, that is chemicals. Chemicals, that because of the surfactants in them enable these harsh chemicals to penetrate our skin and end up on our blood stream. And guess what happens then. They are distributed to all the organs of our body, where more damage is done. Thus, they leave your young, delicate cells exposed to free radicals and other elements that damage and age our skin.

Even worse, many of the most expensive “wrinkle removers” on the market contain harsh chemicals that actually burn off the fine lines from the surface of your skin. How much damage is this doing to your skin?

Did you know that most skin care products also contain petroleum-based oils? Yes, this is the same stuff that we get our gasoline from. These oils cause more damage by stripping off the protective cells our skin so their other ingredients (chemicals) in their product formula can do their job. As we previously saw, they then penetrate our skin and end up in our bloodstream.

So, while these products do make your skin look better for a while, they are in reality damaging your skin (and body). Thus, in the long run, your skin (and body) age faster.


Does this mean that we are doomed to look older than our years?

Not at all.

In 1969, Dr,. Joe McCord, a world-renowned scientist, pioneer of Free Radical Biology, discovered the anti-aging enzyme Superoxide Dismutase For this, he received the Elliot Cresson Medal from the Franklin Institute – awarded to distinguished inventors and scientists, putting Dr. McCord in the same company as Pierre and Marie Curie, Alexander Graham Bell, Orville Wright and Henry Ford.

Over the years, he developed an herbal product, based on his discovery (which now had 3 different patents on it), that is called Protandim. Basically, what Protandim does is to fight the free radicals in our body. It is these free radicals that cause our bodies to age. Protandim ends up being an anti-aging product that fights these free radicals from inside our body.

As good as this is, Dr. Kimberly Stone, M.D., a leading Denver-based certified dermatologist thought that we should be doing the same from the outside of our body. So, working with LifeVantage developed a skin product that did just that. Without any damaging chemicals, no petroleum-based oils or any other surfactants she formulated a product called TrueScience. It was formulated with more of the ingredients known to protect the skin from the bombardment of factors that contribute to aging and the symptoms of unhealthy skin.

And anything that penetrates the skin are healthy herbs that actually benefit our body. So it’s a win-win situation. It protects and heals our skin AND benefits our body.

The following may be a little technical but read what LifeVantage says that it does.


The TrueScience proprietary skin care formula includes:

Hydration/Moisturizing: TrueScience features a Lamellar Phase Emulsion System that forms a liquid emulsion barrier for superior moisturizing without a thick, oily feel. Moreoever TrueScience also contains extracts of sandalwood, phellodendron bark and barley, all of which deliver exotic fatty acids to retain the body’s natural moisture and produce a high-end moisturizing effect. Finally, it also features sodium hyaluronate, which is a superior moisture-binding agent that can balance moisture levels at the surface of the skin.

Toning/Brightening: The turmeric extract in TrueScience is specially modified to remove the majority of yellow compounds without reducing the effectiveness of its potent curcuminoids. Curcuminoids have been shown to produce a gentle skin lightening that even dispigmentation. Additionally, the leucojum aestivum bulb extract slows the spread of melanocytes, which contribute to uneven skin coloring.

Wrinkles/Fine Lines: The palm peptides and leucojum aestivum bulb extract in TrueScience are all shown to visibly reduce signs of wrinkles and fine lines. They may also help promote a thicker epidermis and dermis for less skin transparency for improved tone and texture.

All-Inclusive: Unlike most other skin care lines, the TrueScience anti-aging cream eliminates the need for an extra eye cream due to its wide ranging benefits.

Lipid Rejuvenation: TrueScience delivers multiple ingredients, including sandalwood oil, phellodendron bark extract, barley extract and a proprietary blend of glycolipids, soy phtosterols and hyaluronic acid to mimic the naturally occurring lipid structure in the skin and retain the body’s own moisturizing lipids.


What Are You Waiting For?

Isn’t this what you have been waiting for? An anti-aging product that won’t damage your skin but actually repairs any damage that is already there, as well as, keeping your skin as young looking as possible?

Keep in mind that this is not a cheaply produced product that is sold to make someone a wad of money. Yes, you will discover that it is a little more expensive than most other skin care products. But TrueScience is made from herbs and other all natural ingredients formulated to protect your skin from the bombardment of factors that contribute to aging and the symptoms of unhealthy skin.

There are two ways to purchase TrueScience. The first is to simply buy one bottle at retail from the LifeVantage site. Click here to do this. The other way is actually better because it is cheaper. You sign up to have a bottle shipped to you every month. But, remember, you can stop the auto-shipment at any time. Click here and purchase at the Preferred Customer Price.