Do You Want a Longer and Healthier Life?

(Who doesn’t, right???)

I mean, think about it… You always hear about people who wish they could have done more in their lives. How many of those people were stopped from doing something they really wanted to do because of bad health, you know, arthritis, the Big “C”, diabetes, etc.

Unfortunately, aging stinks! But people will tell you that it’s inevitable. Really? What happened to the Fountain of Youth? I thought someone would have found that by now!

Well, the “Fountain of Youth” may not exist in a literal sense right now, but believe it or not, we’ve come closer now than at any other time in history.

No, really! Read on and I’ll tell you why.

Now, more than ever, we’ve been able to scientifically break down different molecules and nutrients. Now, more than ever, we’ve been able to study how those nutrients and molecules affect our bodies. Come on, don’t tell me you haven’t been hearing about all this science in magazines and on T.V. It’s EVERYWHERE!

You’ve been hearing about antioxidants for a while now. They are a BIG deal (if you can get enough of them!) They are the wonderful little guys that get rid of free radicals in your body.

Free Radicals

What are free radicals, you ask? Well, they are the nasty little things that cause oxidative stress and are the number one cause of aging and age related problems. (We could really do without those guys, huh?)

Believe it or not, free radicals have been studied since 1955 when Dr. Denham Harman started taking a look at those little critters. Do you know what he found? He discovered that they cause so much stress in our bodies. That stress leads to aging and eventually death! Yup, aging, per se, is a free radical process! Not only that, but free radical damage within the cells has been linked to a wide range of disorders including cancer, arthritis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes. (Just to name a few!) In fact, Dr. Harman stated that free radical reactions are implicated in 50 different disorders! Today, scientists have linked the oxidative stress caused by free radicals to over 200 diseases! You read that right – 200!!

Later in Dr. Harmon’s research (1972 to be precise), he made another discovery. You see, the part of the cell that turns food into energy is called the mitochondria. When that’s damaged by free radicals, it actually determines our maximum life span.

Even the National Cancer Institute stated that a free radical is “A highly reactive chemical that often contains oxygen and is produced when molecules are split to give products that have unpaired electrons (a process called oxidation). Free radicals can damage important cellular molecules such as DNA or lipids or other parts of the cell.”

Wow! That’s a fancy way of saying that free radicals are the bad guys!

Free Radicals Lead to Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is a relatively new term today. Without getting too technical, it basically means that the production of free radicals in your body exceeds the body’s ability to neutralize and eliminate them. (If you WANT to get technical, you can read what The Medical News [] says: “Oxidative stress is caused by an imbalance between the production of reactive oxygen and a biological system’s ability to readily detoxify the reactive intermediates or easily repair the resulting damage.” Whew!)

Most of us know that our cells require oxygen to function and live. However, too much oxygen causes destruction in the cells (thus – oxidative stress). This may seem strange to learn, but it happens in nature all the time. Just think about what happens to an apple when you cut it in half and leave it sitting on your counter. It turns brown, right? Well, that’s because the oxygen in the air produces chemical reactions in the tissues of the apple. (Technical term: Oxidation of biomolecules.)

Believe it or not, our bodies produce what’s called oxidative enzymes that help balance out the oxygen in our cells and keep them healthy.

Antioxidants Are Big Business

Up until now (we will soon see that this has changed), the only way to fight and reduce these free radicals was through taking antioxidants or eating foods such as oranges or blueberries or drinking red wine. Most researchers (scientists and doctors) have stated that the best antioxidants to take are: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and CoQ10. Other researchers have added other sources, but you get the idea.

One problem: They don’t agree on how much to take.

Researchers at a medical center in Israel recruited 70 people with an average age of 62. They were divided into two groups. One received placebos and the other received a four-part antioxidant intervention of:

o       Vitamin C – 1,000 mg daily

o       Vitamin E – 400 IU daily

o       Selenium – 200 mg daily

o       CoQ10 – 120 mg daily

The results were very positive in the antioxidant group. Blood pressure was reduced, while large and small artery elasticity increased significantly, HDL (good) cholesterol increased significantly, and HbA1C (a measure of high blood pressure) declined significantly.

So as you can see, antioxidants are our friends! Unfortunately, there’s one big problem with taking antioxidants: ONE molecule of antioxidants only kills ONE molecule of free radicals. And there are trillions of free radicals roaming throughout our body. What??? That’s right! Trillions and trillions! To kill all of them, you would have to take way more antioxidants than you can possibly consume every day!

That’s right! In fact, you would have to eat 375 oranges or drink 87 glasses of red wine or take about 120 Vitamin C tablets (500 mg each) A DAY in order to neutralize the amount of free radicals your body produces EVERY SINGLE DAY! I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t do that! Say nothing of the cost!!

This does not mean that you shouldn’t eat the foods that put antioxidants in to your body. We should! We all know that eating the correct foods is very important and we need to do that every day.

How are we possibly supposed to get ahead of these little critters?!?

Ready For the Really GOOD NEWS???

What if I were to tell you that there is way to get ahead? What if there was a product that would kill millions of free radicals for every ONE molecule you take? Sounds good, huh?

Well, what if I were to tell you that it will also enhance your own body’s ability to produce NEW antioxidants? “You mean my body can produce its own antioxidants?” That’s right! (If you think about it, our bodies are pretty amazing!)

What if you had a product that could eliminate over a million free radical molecules PER SECOND without being used up? “OK. Now you’re just pulling my leg, right?” Nope!!

Back to the research:

Studies have actually shown that this product increases levels of the anti-aging enzymes called Superoxide Dismutase (another one of our best friends!) by 30%, Catalase by 54% and Glutathione by 300%!! All this while reducing oxidative stress levels an average of 40% in just 2-4 weeks!! (NO! That’s not a typo! I said WEEKS not years!)

In fact, when a group of scientists got a bunch of people together (between 20 and 80 years old) to study this new discovery, they found that after the group was on the product for a month, they couldn’t tell the difference in blood samples between the 80 year olds and the 20 year olds! Amazing!

Believe it or not, there is such a product! It is called Protandim.

There is a video that you can watch about it. If you haven’t already seen it (or want to see it again) Click Here and watch the ABC Primetime video. It’s only 9 minutes long. (Keep in mind that this video was made about 5 years ago and the studies they mention towards the end have already been done with amazing results!!) Be sure to watch the video “Healing Quest” while you’re there.

Not Just Another Health Product

Although this is a natural product, it has received 3 different patents. No, you cannot patent a natural product, but you CAN patent FORMULAS. So this makes this product very unique and one that cannot be copied and sold by other companies.

In fact, the doctor behind this amazing discovery is Dr. Joe McCord. Because of his research and amazing formula, it has earned him the Elliot Cresson Medal. (Ever heard of that?) This medal is not given out lightly. It’s only given to those that have made tremendous breakthroughs in technology and science. (Other recipients include Pierre and Marie Curie, Orville Wright, Henry Ford and Alexander Graham Bell. Where would we be today without their amazing discoveries?)

Not only that, but there are over 22 Universities around the world that are studying this product and how it affects different diseases. They are even funding their own research! This has never happened before! There have also been 3 peer review studies on this product with more to come. This is also the first time this has happened for a natural product.

As you can well see, this is quite the breakthrough. (Isn’t science amazing?)

Buy It Now

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