Becoming a LifeVantage Distributor


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If you are interested in becoming an independent distributor for LifeVantage, that I believe has created the best home based business there is, you have come to the right place. Most network marketing companies require you to recruit more distributors. And that is one way to work this business.

You Have The Opportunity To Just Sell The Product

However, the truth is that about 60% of those taking Protandim are simply customers and not Distributers. No other product that is distributed through this means can say this. This is a great reason for becoming a LifeVantage Distributor because you don’t have to recruit other distributors (although that is where the most money is), all you can to do is to just sell the product.

Another difference is that most Network Marketing companies require you to stock products and that can be quite the burden. In fact, most people who do that end up with a lot of product that they really need to get rid of.

With LifeVantage, you don’t stock ANY product! That’s right! Zip! Zero! None! (Unless you really WANT to!) Nope, it’s all distributed by the company. And you get a percentage of the profit because you have told others about Protandim and they went off and bought it themselves from your own Protandim Website.

There Are Many Ways To Work This Business

But if talking to your friends and family about buying something you are selling scares you, remember there are many other ways to build an MLM business and those who join our organization will receive more help and ideas that you know what to do with.

Of course, when others sign up for the business opportunity under you, not only do you get a commission (one of the largest we’ve personally seen!), you will get a residual income from them, too. Gotta love residual income because  that’s income that keeps coming in month after month from only doing something once! (Don’t you wish your job was like that? Just report for work ONE day and then keep collecting a monthly check from that? Wow!)

Another aspect of this company that very few other MLM’s have is being able to continue your income when you are ready to retire and don’t want to sell any more. Your residual income that you have created will continue even after you stop working the program.

Training That Is Available

One of the best reasons to join this company is the training that is available. because as people advance higher in the company, they share in the total profits of the company, not just from their own downline. This gives them incentive to help train everyone in the company, not just their own downline.

Have you seen any other multilevel company that does this? This is one of the reasons that LifeVantage is the best Multilevel company. You are not left to find your own way. If you cannot find help in your own upline, find anyone in the company that is giving training and work with them.

Go to the page of Videos for Distributors to get a sampling of some of the online training that is available. I will be adding more of these for our distributors as time goes on.

Spanish Language Information Is Available

If you are planning on recruiting or selling to those whose primary language is Spanish or if you are planning on working in Mexico, there are many resources available in the Spanish language. If you are planning on doing this, put this information in the Contact Form below and I will send you information on this.

How To Sign Up

If this interests you, Click Here and go to the LifeVantage Enrollment Option. There you are to enroll as a new LifeVantage Distributor. Remember to choose the Vantage Pack option because you will want to get all the benefits of being an Independent LifeVantage Distributor.

I assume that you listened to the Compensation Plan Video. If not, go do that right now. Click Here to see it. In fact, be sure to watch all of them on that page.

If you still have questions or would rather talk to us before you sign up, fill out the form below. Enter any questions you might have. Then, if you want us to contact you by telephone, put your telephone number in the comment box along with the best time to call you. Otherwise, we will answer by email. However, we would rather talk to you in person.