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Welcome to our site. If you have landed here looking for my Health and Longevity Blog site which many of you have already visited, Click Here and you will be sent directly to it. I have separated my blog site and my LifeVantage information site.

We are dedicated to helping people like you to know about and understand what Protandim and TrueScience will do for you. We have searched the Internet for products that will prolong life and promote health. We found many products, but none had any scientific research which showed that they were even effective, let alone that it would do what it said that it would do.

Then we found Protandim and its related product, TrueScience. These products were created and are distributed by LifeVantage Corporation through its networking distributors. These products not only seemed to be great health and life prolonging products but they had actual scientific research to back them up.


Learn About LifeVantage Products

Thus, we created this site to inform people of these outstanding products. Here, you will find why and how Protandim was created. You will find out about the scientific research that is currently being done by 20+ Universities (at their own expense). You can read the actual tier-one peer-reviewed studies that have been done. You will read about the creator of Protandim and how it was created over the span of many years.

There is no other natural product on the market that has three separate patents on it. No, natural products cannot be patented. However, a particular combination of herbal products can be patented, if they are shown to be particularly effective in a way that no other product is. This is what Protandim has done. The documents and videos on this site will show you what this is.


You Will Find Many Documents and Videos On This Site

Spend some time reviewing these documents that are on this site. We know that no one will (or should) buy any product unless they understand exactly what it is. If you have questions that are not answered by the documents and videos that are on this site, enter your information in the contact form below and we will try to answer any questions you may have.

Although the maker of Protandim, LifeVantage, is a publically traded company, Protandim is only sold through Network Marketing. That is, you can only buy it through an authorized distributor. And yes, we are an authorized distributor. However, our main purpose is to help people live a longer and healthier life.

By Law, we cannot claim that Protandim cures anything. However, after you have read all the documentation and testimonials, you can make your own decision.


Information in Spanish

If your primary language is Spanish, click on “Life Vantage Videos in Spanish.” There you will find videos in Spanish.


Purchasing LifeVantage Products

After you have learned about Protandim and how it may be able to help you, Click Here to find out how to purchase Protandim. By the way, after you have found out about TrueScience and what it can do for you, you can go to the same page and learn out how to purchase it.

Take your time, find out about Protandim and TrueScience and then reward yourself by purchasing one or both of these marvelous products and telling your friends what you have found.


Other Sites

You might also interested in two sister sites. One of them is a Health and Longevity Blog. On this blog you will find interesting ideas on how to live a longer and healthier life. It is updates two or three times a week. The other one deals with the spiritual side of life. There is more to life than just the physical. On, are many articles that deal with how to live in this modern world. Check out these two sites and see what they have to offer.


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